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Epic Golf Club at WMPO 2024

Epic Golf Club’s Exclusive Golf Experience: A Blend of Luxury and Tradition at the Waste Management Phoenix Open

Epic Golf Club, headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, has swiftly risen as the pinnacle of exclusive golf experiences. Founded in 2018 by 20 golf enthusiasts, we have evolved into a prestigious organization with over 900 members, receiving a remarkable 1000 new membership applications weekly. With access to 80 of the top 100 golf courses in the United States and a unique reciprocal membership model, we offer our members unparalleled opportunities to play at the finest clubs, creating a network of golfing elite. Our focus on quality over quantity sets us apart, shaping the future of golfing experiences worldwide.


Epic Golf Club’s Exclusive Golf Experience

One highlight of our annual calendar is their involvement in the Waste Management Phoenix Open, a prestigious tournament held at TPC Scottsdale, just minutes away from our headquarters. The tournament, known for its electrifying atmosphere and innovative fan engagement, serves as a unique opportunity for Epic Golf Club members to blend their passion for golf with exclusive experiences.

The tradition involves taking our members to the Waste Management Phoenix Open, providing them with an unforgettable two-day extravaganza. The event includes a day at the tournament in the Greenskeepers Cabana, allowing members to immerse themselves in the vibrant energy of the competition. The Greenskeepers Cabana offers a prime vantage point to witness the golfing action, creating an intimate and luxurious setting for Epic Golf Club members to enjoy the tournament.

Following the tournament day, we treat our members to a day of golf at one of the surrounding private courses, elevating the entire experience. This unique blend of professional golf spectacle and an exclusive round at a prestigious course creates an annual highlight for our members, creating camaraderie and unforgettable memories.

Our commitment to quality over quantity is evident in its vision for the future. With plans for extravagant golf trips, tournaments, and access to top courses worldwide, we aim to redefine how people access golf. By enforcing high standards of etiquette among its members, we not only ensure a premium experience for our members but also position them as the type of players that the best courses would welcome.

As we continue to shape the future of golfing experiences, our involvement with the Waste Management Phoenix Open remains a testament to our dedication to providing members with exclusive and unforgettable opportunities in the world of golf. For those who dream of playing golf at the top courses in the world, we may very well be the gateway to making those dreams a reality.


About the Waste Management Phoenix Open

The Waste Management Phoenix Open stands as a beacon in the golfing calendar, renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and innovative fan engagement. Hosted annually at TPC Scottsdale, just minutes from our headquarters, the tournament boasts a distinctive claim to fame—the infamous 16th hole, known as ‘The Coliseum,’ where thousands of fans create an electric amphitheater atmosphere.


The average annual attendance for the Waste Management Phoenix Open is around 700,000 spectators.

The tournament consistently draws top-tier players and is celebrated for its commitment to sustainability, striving to be the ‘greenest show on grass.’ With a rich history dating back to 1932, the Waste Management Phoenix Open has become a premier event on the PGA Tour, combining sporting excellence with a unique and thrilling fan experience

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