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Epic Golf Club Concierge Service

Epic Golf Club’s concierge services makes it easy to play great golf while traveling

By Ryan Ballengee

If you’re anything like me, whenever you’re getting ready to take a trip, you get to looking around your destination for some great places to play golf.

That search can be frustrating sometimes, especially if you don’t know the area. You might not know how to decipher the best courses from the rest, and even if you can figure out the best places to play, you might not be able to get on those courses if they’re private.

Members of Epic Golf Club, however, don’t have that kind of problem.

Epic Golf Club is a membership organization for golfers who belong to private clubs that want to enjoy a similar level of conditioning and service when they travel to play golf.

In addition to offering first-rate group events for members at world-class clubs and courses, Epic Golf Club offers a concierge service to get their members on courses while being hosted by fellow Epic Golf Club members. The Epic Golf Club membership base of more than 900 has access to 85 percent of the top 200 private clubs and more than 1,000 clubs in total.

You’ll be able to play these remarkable places for a guest fee and have access to network with the individuals able to host you at their home course. Epic Golf Club is a great opportunity to play top-tier clubs and courses with top-notch people. Aside from the golf, these rounds create networking opportunities that could lead to business deals, mentorships, synergy and strategy conversations that are uncommon on the golf course.

Whether you’re looking for just the golf or a little more from your round, Epic Golf Club members will host you and show you to a great time as an escape from all the stress you feel in the corporate world.

For Epic Golf Club members, it really is as simple as making a phone call, or sending a text or an email, to the EGC team. Members give the team the dates you’re looking to play and where they’ll be, and the EGC team connects the member with a host or hosts in the area where they want to play. After introductions are made between members, the round is planned. Throughout the process, the Epic Golf Club team makes sure the whole process goes smoothly, even if plans change.

I’ve personally hosted as a member of Epic Golf Club, and it was a terrific, easy experience. We had a tremendous time and have since played golf at Epic Golf Club outings.

For a modest initiation fee and small monthly dues, Epic Golf club members are part of an intimate group of golfers who strive for the best in themselves on the course and in the office. If that sounds like you, fill out the inquiry form and get started on a journey few get to experience.


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